The winds huffed and puffed until Hamlet, the pig's, fence blew down and away he went!

The high winds that hit the West side of the state, caused a lot of damage, including blowing down a Portage mans fence. When the fence went down, his pig Hamlet went wondering.

As Hamlet was roaming around on South Westnedge,  AJ James spotted him! Mlive.com spoke with AJ and reports that she stated...

"I saw him outside work on the hill and got him in with dog biscuits."

AJ happened to be working that day at Home Depot, and keeps a stash of dog treats at her check out. AJ went on to tell Mlive.com that she used social media to locate the pigs owners. Through the Facebook page 'Kalamazoo Area Lost Pets", Hamlets photo circulated quickly, and his owner was found.

Yet, the story of AJ's good deed goes a tad deeper. She fashioned a leash from some rope, and walked Hamlet to her house to wait for his owner.  When AJ was asked what she was thinking through this adventure, her response was...

"My only thought was it has to be a pet and I'd want someone to do the same for me."

I love the tail of this little piggy, and cheers to a good soul who made sure Hamlet got home safe!


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