For some it was a source of pride; for others, not so much. Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer has vetoed the "Pure Michigan" promotional campaign, saying it is hard to tell if the $35 million dollar ad campaign is making any difference promoting tourism in the state.

The Detroit Free-Press reports that the Pure Michigan campaign may not be completely dead, indicating that Whitmer's line-item veto from state budget bills may be a bargaining ploy. The author of the story expects some of the budget to be restores.

While "Pure Michigan" has been a source of pride for some, there are vocal critics who think the money could better be spent filling potholes and other daily necessities.

The Free-Press article quotes a vocal critic, Michael LaFave, from the right-wing think tank, the Mackinac Center For Public Policy, who claims the return on investment is poor at best.

But the article also quotes a retired Michgan State University advertising expert. Bruce Vanden Bergh, who says the ad have inspired out of staters to check out some of the sites promoted in the ads. He also says don't underestimate the value of raising morale amongst Michiganders.


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