HBO’s Girls may be saying goodbye next Sunday, but don’t expect everyone to attend the farewell. Half the title Girls apparently won’t take part in the sixth season (and series) finale, as this past week’s “Goodbye Tour” lives up to the name.

You’re warned of likely spoilers for the Girls series finale from here on out, but it seems creator-star Lena Dunham accidentally let slip that neither Jessa (Jemima Kirke) nor Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) will appear in the final episode. A now-deleted post on Instagram (h/t TVLine) identified Sunday’s “Goodbye Tour” as a series wrap for Kirke and Mamet.

The episode was also notably devoid of the HBO dramedy’s boys, leaving it unclear if either Adam Driver or Alex Karpovsky will appear in the series finale. All four were given reasonably fulfilling exits in recent weeks; Adam making one last go of a relationship with Hannah before returning to Jessa; Ray finding new love with Shoshanna’s ex-boss Abigail (Aidy Bryant); Jessa and Hannah finally mending fences, and Shoshanna holding her engagement party with a character never previously introduced on the series.

If nothing else, the above photo at least makes clear that “Latching” will feature Allison Williams, while the first trailer saw Becky Ann Baker reprising her role as Hannah’s mother. It’s likely we’re in for a surprise or two, but did Jessa and Shoshanna have otherwise satisfying goodbyes?

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