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Say more then a thank you to our Veterans on March 4thGrowing up I was always taught to thank a Veteran when I saw or met them. Yet, know that they better get ready for some loving because National Hug A G.I. day is right around the corner. Living in Southwest Michigan we are lucky enough to have three bases with so many brave men and women serving right here

  • The Battle Creek Air National Guard Base
  • The Fort Custer Training Center
  • The U.S. Naval Reserve

National Day Calendar gives details on how to celebrate this day and the men and women that make it possible...

Gather around your servicemen and women to give them a hug.  It’s simply a way to show your support. With either a pat on the back or hearty handshake, be sure to give both past and present G.I.s your appreciation. While G.I.s refer to Army personnel, the day encompasses all those who have served in the military.  So, hug those Jarheads, Wingnuts, Squids and Coasties, too!

So on March 4th when you see a Vet, say more then thank you!

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