Wedding tip: invite Ford engineers to your wedding.  It could really pay off.

Weddings can be stressful.  I know, that's not exactly a hot take.  So much blood, sweat and tears...oh and money, go into this one big day.  The planning and execution of this ceremony celebrating love can be one big ball of stress even when things go well.  But what about when things aren't going well?

On Wednesday, August 11th Rachna Nanda Kumar and Vetrivel Chandrasekaran tied the knot in Farmington Hills.  The ceremony was beautiful and everything was going great.  That was, before a huge rainstorm delayed the reception for a couple hours.  The mood dramatically went from a party atmosphere to a bunch of bummed out wedding guests with the lights and sound died during a power outage.  It looked like they were going to call it a night.  Then a friend of the groom stepped in and suggested using his hybrid Ford F-150 as a generator according to the Detroit Free Press,

They plugged in power cords for tent lights, music and a massive sound system with speakers, amplifiers and microphones. The truck itself had four power outlets but multiple items were plugged into power strips and those were plugged into the truck.

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Congrats to the happy couple and glad they had friends equipped to save the day.  Let this be a lesson on who you invite to your wedding.

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