Along with restaurants and bars, food trucks have been affected by the fallout of the global pandemic choking our lives. Friday evening, there will be a food truck event, with new regulations in place, prompted by the rules set forth by governing bodies and the state of Michigan, and with a minor hint of nostalgia tossed in.

The event, featuring five food trucks, will be at the location of the former Wayside West on Stadium Drive. Many locals have (or don't remember having) memories from Wayside.

With temperatures forecast to be in the low 70's on Friday, this event could turn out to be very big, unleashing cooped up Kalamazooans on a Spring evening.

Five vendors are set to participate. They are: Blue Plate Food Truck, Camzie’s Pizza, Motor Mouth. Nick’s Gyros.and Specialty Cheesecake have Facebook pages with ordering information.

Again, as with anything in 2020, there are a whole new set of rules in place. With this being the first food truck rally of the season, adaptability will be paramount. The rule here is, each vendor will be accepting their own pre-orders, Here's a link explaining the process. This site also has the specific order information all on one page for the five vendors participating.

The Wayside parking lot provides a lot of space for distancing, as the organizers are stressing safety: The set up puts the five food trucks at least 20 feet apart. The rules are no more than five people in line at any one time. People in line have to wear masks. And, you can not sit and eat unless you are inside your own car.

While the rules are strict, this is our new reality, at least for the time being.

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