Bowling is truly a game where you don't necessarily face against a team or a person, but truly it's a game where you face yourself. Can you maintain perfect composure and form 12 throws consecutively to achieve the Perfect game score of 300? It's something that isn't easily accomplished. The closest I ever got was a 278. One local man who was an avid bowler at the old Wayside Lanes in Kalamazoo off Stadium Dr. achieved just such a feat as fate would have it, before his untimely passing.

Ed Lorenz was having an amazing night, which was ultimately crowned with an incredible achievement. His daughter Laura Kinzler, recently shared the story after a woman brought in a Wayside Lanes Kzoo bowling shirt into her antique shop. What should have been a night of celebration sadly turned into a tragic evening:

So here is my story. My father was huge in bowling in the Kalamazoo area from the 50s all the way to the early 2000s. He died at airway lanes after bowling a 300 game from a heart attack. Wayside was a huge part of our lives as well so I got goosebumps when she gave it to me.

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Many people in the Vanished Kalamazoo group recalled being there that night and remember what a great guy her dad was:

I had the honor of calling Ed a friend. We worked, bowled, golfed together and helped each other move. Great man! -Jim Miller-

There are those who still honor Ed by carrying his name in the Thursday Scratch League for their team name. There are many people who remember him with great memories. It truly speaks volumes about the character of a man who went out at the top of his game.

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