Here's just a hunch, but productivity tomorrow afternoon, may be even lower than normal. Bell's annual Eccentric Day is set for Friday (December 6th). And afternoon may be a bit conservative as festivities get underway at 9am and going well into the evening.

The one day a year your alter ego can not only come out to play, but be celebrated in all its glory. Once our capacity is filled, our door greeters will be letting one person in for every one that leaves. 21+ and up all day, a lengthy buffet menu, and a rotating tap list. Who's ready to let their alter ego out for the day? - Bell's website

If my son didn't have my trench coat, I would go as my alter ego, Clark Kent. What? That's taken. Never mind.

(Bell's Brewery via YouTube)

If it weren't the middle of winter this week, I'd say let's have a DooDah Parade and march over to Bell's. Now that would be both DooDah and fun. But not when the temperature is in the 30's.

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