The Salvation Army Is Going Nuts For Donuts

The Salvation Army of Kalamazoo is holding a Donut Eating contest of May 29th and it is going to be sweet!

The event will take place at one of the greatest shops ever, Sweetwater's Donut Mill on Stadium Drive.

Here is how it will go. 13 contestants will have 10 minutes to eat as many donuts that they get down, all leading to one champion! Here are the 13 people that think they can win the title...

  1. Jason Puhr from Channel 3 News
  2. Keith Welch from the Salvation Army
  3. Jackie Griggs from Promotion Concepts Inc.
  4. Ashlyn Powers from Promotion Concepts Inc.
  5. Roman B. who is a "Donut Enthusiast"
  6. Staff Sgt Mike Medendorp from the United States Air Force
  7. Emmanuel from the Community Center
  8. Kevin Haverdink from Financial Manager Inc.
  9. Loyf Fornes from Thermo Fisher
  10. Adam Custic from Thermo Fisher
  11. Tony Tone Professional Wrestler King
  12. James Marshall from K-College
  13. Tyler Jett from K-College

Come out and celebrate National Donut Day and support an amazing cause. All proceeds from the event will benefit our kids.

Youth Programs sponsored by the Salvation Army...

  • Tutoring
  • Nutrition
  • Character building
  • Music programs
  • Basketball camps
  • Summer camps
  • Community outings


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