A Detroit Lions fan from Portage is tired of a lifetime of disappointment.  So, he started this $1 Billion GoFundMe.

Jason Foster of Portage decided to put our money where his mouth is.  He created a GoFundMe on July 24th, 2018 using a Lion King meme that says, "THAT SHADOWY PLACE IS THE SUPERBOWL.  NO LION HAS EVER BEEN THERE."

Have a sense of humor when you read the GoFundMe description, as it touches on Trump puns.  This link was in fact shared with me by the twitter handle @MakeLionsGreat.  The GoFundMe page in question says the following,

All my life, the Detroit Lions have been terrible. Year after year the Lions have let their fans down. It's time that we the people do something about it. I propose that we band together to make the Fords an offer to buy the Lions that they can't refuse!  The first order of business after buying the Lions, will be to clean house. Nobody is safe in their position. We are going to DRAIN the SWAMP! New coaches, new players, new front office. Interviews would start immediately for all jobs. NO Ohio State Buckeyes or kneelers NEED APPLY! We are going to hire the best people! We are going to win so much, you'll be tired of winning! We are going to take the Detroit Lions to the Super Bowl! Won't you join us on this journey to make the Lions great!? Obviously it will cost more than $1B to buy and operate, but it's the highest GoFundMe will let us go. We are estimating that $3.5B will be needed, so tell all your friends! Funds from the team will go towards building a wall on Michigan's southern border!

So far Jason has raised 0 of the $1 Billion he needs to have a successful GoFundMe Campaign.  Not to mention, his twitter only has two followers...one of them is me.  Come on Lions fans...this should have more shares than the Lions have playoff victories.

Speaking of...the Lions haven't won a playoff game since 1991.  In fact, 'we' have only been to the playoffs 5 times in the last 20 years.  It's hard to argue with Jason Foster's logic here.



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