Well here it is, after 34 years, the final show on 103.3 KFR. Sad? No. Never, because it was one incredible ride. And because I'm not gone. I'll be working 30 feet from here beginning Monday. When I got the call in late 1986, about coming to KFR, I had no idea that this would be as special a part of my life as it turned out. I guess in my mind, I thought this would just another stop on the journey. It turned out to be so much more than that.

I'm proudest of things like roofsit, where we got together and raised so much money to help abused kids. But we also had fun at places like Electric Avenue and Bourbon Street. 5:01 Parties and DooDah Parades. That's a whole chapter in itself. And all the "laughin' and scratchin'" during Friday Festivies.

I met so many great people. That's what stands out. Both radio friends, and people in the community. Shortly after I got here, Phil Britain joined as Program Director, and he brought. the Bonehead, Jerry Baletta with him. Glen Dillon joined us as an intern. And along the way, so many talented people, much more talented than me came aboard. This is where I get in trouble, because I'll forget someone, but here goes. Great friends like Craig Russell, Dave Michaels, Mike Klein, Nick Taylor, Heather McGregor..John Hammer, Beezer, Kim Brixton, Kidd O'Shea, so, so many others and, of course, my intern, Dana Marshall. Thank you all...All the bosses who didn't fire me, especially Ed Sackley, who started out being a dreaded competitor and became a great friend.

But the biggest thank you is reserved for you, who listened a little or a lot, and made this thing I do number one, time and time again. I can never thank you enough. You listened and laughed and I can never repay your kindness.

The next chapter starts next door on Monday morning. Thank you again.

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