While some reports refer to the troubles electric truck maker Rivian is having with its stock prices, and backer Ford did sell off a block of its shares, Rivian still has agreed to a deal in which it will install electric vehicle chargers in Michigan state parks.

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Governor Gretchen Whitmer's office announced last week that Rivian will be providing fifteen chargers at Michigan state parks. This is inline with the Governor's previously announced Lake Michigan EV circuit.

There's a lot of positives in this announcement: For Rivian, it puts chargers in the parks, so folks going camping, etc., can have a convenient, easy way to charge, so "range anxiety" doesn't become an issue. For the state, it's a way be kind to the environment and helping out those who have made the switch away from internal combustion engines (ICE's). And for those considering any kind of electric vehicle, this gives them another location to recharge.

Also, Adopt a Charger, a nonprofit organization, is in on this deal, providing technical, marketing and sponsorship support for the operation of the chargers throughout the duration of the agreement. "ITC, an electric transmission company, will provide the funding for the electrical use for two years. Consumers Energy, through the Power MI Drive program, is providing the funds to pay for upgrades to the electrical systems at state parks necessary for charger installation." (which is also a reminder of what a big project this is for the automotive and power industries, but then $5 a gallon gasoline might also be a way of prodding everything along.

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