The newest rage among people on the internet is the "Bird Box" Challange. Bird Box is a new film released on Netflix starring Sandra Bullock, where people cover their eyes to avoid invisible creatures and live their life blindfolded. Now, people are filming themselves trying to do everyday tasks blindfolded, and police warn it could be dangerous. Eastpoint Police posted on Facebook saying: "Society has moved on from the KeKe challenge. Now we have the Bird Box Challenge which encourages people to do routine tasks while blindfolded. Netflix and the Eastpointe Public Safety Departments suggest you don’t do this. Be safe, not an example!"

Netflix has even gone public on their Twitter account, warning people that participating in this challenge could get you seriously hurt:

I still stand firm behind the belief that doing stupid things will always result in bad things happening. I did plenty of stupid things as a kid and paid the price for them. So if you DO decide to participate in this challenge, be prepared for injury.


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