It absolutely does not surprise me anymore just what will go viral. Sometimes it's a funny video, a silly meme, a story, and even a song that comes out of nowhere. That's exactly what we have on our hands right now, as Detroit rapper GmacCash has released straight fire with his new song, "Big Gretch." The song is inspired by the efforts of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer to keep our state and residents safe.

The song seems to take shots at the President and the recent Lansing protesters, if I may recite a Passage:

Big Gretch in this b**** playin' no roles,
excuse all the cussin' that's just how I get my flow on.
If you wanna leave the state you can stay gone,
but right now Big Gretch said stay home.
All that protestin' was irrelevant,
Big Gretch ain't try'na hear y'all or the President.
How we gonna take orders from a non-resident?
Talkin' bout' it's safe but he ain't comin' with the evidence.

GmacCash goes on in the song to talk about how shook she's got everyone right now and that no doubt once this is all over, she's invited to the cookout. The song was an instant success, having over 275,000 views on YouTube this morning. The song was made with the intention to raise money for a pair of Cartier sunglasses for the Governor.

However when the GoFundMe brought in nearly $3,000, Whitmer had to deny the gift. It's been reported by The Detroit News that the money will now go to New Era Detroit, a Detroit neighborhood community organization that helps those in need. Either way, this song goes hard. It's got some minor language, but enjoy:

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