I've done some crazy things in my lifetime -- including doing some camping during the cold winter months. Last winter, I decided to do it once again -- even though temperatures were going to be getting down into teens. And this time, I camped in a tipi!

I have never camped in a tipi before. But now there is an opportunity for people to do just that right here in West Michigan. It's a new, off-grid campground called Detach Primitive -- located in Rockford. Their website describes it this way: "Detach Primitive is a four-season, off-grid retreat and educational center nestled amongst 50 acres of forest in Rockford, Michigan." I did a post about this place a few months ago.

The whole idea came from the minds of two brothers and a friend -- Jarred and Stephen Sper and Kyle Sischo decided to provide a place for people to go and "detach". It is a place to turn off your cell phones, disconnect from the world, and just enjoy life for a period of time.

I love the quote by John Burroughs on their website: “There’s no wifi in the forest, but you’ll find no better connection. I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my sense put in order.” I couldn't have summed it up any better myself!

Currently the rentable structures on the nearly 50-acre property include three tipis. Three A-Frames will be completed in a couple of weeks. Construction of four additional structures, including two hobbit houses, a yurt, and an undetermined structure, will begin construction in the near future.

I had the opportunity to stay in one of the tipis last winter...

Winter Tipi Camping at Detach Primitive

It was time to "detach" and spend the weekend in a tipi at Detach Primitive in Rockford, MI

It was such a "cool" experience for me. I now want to camp in a tipi during all four seasons. I think it would be so relaxing to sleep in the tipi and hear a gentle rain hitting the outside during the spring; enjoy the forest in full bloom during the summer; and experience the fall color during autumn. I hope to be able to fulfill this desire in the coming months.

For more information about Detach Primitive you can check out their websitetheir Facebook page, or on Instagram.

Detach Primitive is located at 3981 Summit Court, NE, in Rockford, MI...

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