Looking for the best place to launch your kayak in West Michigan?

Here are the 5 best places to kayak in and around Kalamazoo.

#5 Eagle Lake in Texas Township.  Depending on the day it can be either very peaceful or lots of families playing on boats.  It's mostly residential surrounding the lake, but very good parking at the public access.  Get more info and directions by clicking the picture below.

TSM: Dana Marshall


#4  D Avenue Access Site on the Kalamazoo River.  According to Google Maps, Small parking area, private with small access fee. Distance to Darrow Park Access Site is about 7.4 miles. About 8.1 miles to Plainwell Mill Race Access Site.

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#3  Fort Custer Recreational Area Site on the Kalamazoo River.  According to Google Maps, Good access site with lots of parking. Park has an access fee. 5.1 miles to Galesburg Community Center Park access site.

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#2 Morrow Pond Public Access in Galesburg, MI.  Some maps call this Morrow Pond.  Others call it Morrow Lake.  Either way, it's larger than you would expect.  The scenery is gorgeous.  Nothing but wildlife, an old damn and the very cool abandon power plant.

Click the picture below for more info and direction.

TSM: Dana Marshall


#1  Paddler's Grove on the Kalamazoo River.  This is one of those little areas that few people seem to know about.  It's VERY clean.  It has a small play area for kids, picnic tables and public restrooms.  The reason why it's #1 is the amazing Kayak launch.  Set your kayak down on the track, sit down...then push off.  AWESOME!

Get more info and directions by clicking the picture below.


Check out the instagram below of my dog Hendrix taking his first kayak ride with me this weekend.  That was a blast!



BONUS VIDEO: Kayaking In The Flooded Homer Stryker Field In Kalamazoo