One of the favorite past times near Halloween is to watch as many horror movies that I can get my hands on. There have actually been a few horror flicks that have Michigan roots. A few you may have never heard of and a few that may surprise you. has hooked up the the film list, so if you're ready to get your scare on, start with these films that have Michigan roots in them to start your haunting season:

1. Scream 4- Yes, even though it's the last of the once great film franchise, Scream 4 was filmed in parts of Dearborn and Livonia and was released in 2011. Regardless, it's pretty sweet Michigan has a place in one of the most iconic horror films franchises in history.

2. The Evil Dead- This cult classic is my favorite horror film of all time, starring Michigan native and WMU Alumni, Bruce Campbell and directed by Sam Raimi who is a Michigan State Alum. "This classic 1980’s horror film follows five college students to a house deep into the woods of Michigan. This is where they unknowingly summon demons from the dead." The film was remade in 2013, and a spin off show, "Ash Vs Evil Dead," inspired by the original trilogy of films had three seasons on Starz.

3. It Follows- This movie is about a girl who is followed by a supernatural entity after an encounter with a local boy. Filmed in Detroit and released in 2015, you can see some sweet abandoned Detroit buildings like the Packard Auto Plant, Redford Theatre and Northville Psychiatric Hospital. 

4. Don't Breathe- I just watched this one last night and it's highly recommended. Produced by the same guys who made The Evil Dead, the story is based in Detroit as a group of thieving teens try to find a way to get to California. The teens break into a blind man's house to rob him of $300,000, only to become prisoners in his house as they try to escape with their lives. 



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