Now that winter seems to be on its way out of our lives for the year, the next big question is when are all of the roads and highways going to be fixed. The worst thing in the world is traveling to the other side of the state and getting caught up in the world's biggest traffic jam. Luckily for us, we now have a map that will show us when construction will start.

According to The Oakland Press, on Monday the Michigan Department of Transportation made a construction map for the state of Michigan available for the public to download. MDOT Director Kirk Steudle told the Freep that 143 projects are planned for this year and the map allows commuters to properly plan their trips:

The yearly construction map is an excellent snapshot showing the extensive work MDOT has planned for the year to improve the state’s roads and bridges.

Michigan’s Fiscal Year 2018 transportation budget, which covers repairs for the state, county, and local road agencies is $4.3 billion. MDOT says that to repair just one mile of a two-lane road costs $5.4 million to reconstruct and $1.44 million to resurface.



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