One of the most annoying things about traveling, especially in the morning after a snow, is trying to figure out if a road you normally take to work or school is covered in the "doom dust." How many times have we all made the mistake of taking a route that leads to us getting stuck or almost causing an accident?

Well, the Michigan Department of Transportation wants to aid you in your daily struggle by allowing you to see which roads have been paved by their plow truck drivers. It's an idea that has been tested the past few years and is now fully operational statewide. It's as simple as going to their website. You can zoom in and not only see which roads have been plowed, but also which roads are currently being plowed and where material has been applied.

Nick Schirripa, a spokesperson for the department is excited about the ability to know where and when a road needs to be plowed with the news system stating to FOX 17:

People really seem to appreciate it. It gives us the ability to share not just kind of inside information about how we’re doing and what we do, but it gives people kind of that inside look on their own where plows are and what they’re doing.

The page is updated every 60 to 90 seconds so visitors will always have an updated look at the condition of any particular road.

Schirripa added:

It’s one piece of the puzzle. Certainly, by no means is it the answer to every question, but it helps form a more clear picture of what’s going on.

This is a giant step in the right direction for parents, students, and workers to help them travel more safely.

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