Vicksburg's Tom Brown did a thriving business in reselling muscle cars some thirty to forty years ago, but at age 76, it's time to clear things out, so today, his some almost 70 remaining cars are being auctioned off. On the list some of the original muscle cars of the late 1960's.

According to MLive, Brown moved to Kalamazoo to work at the old GM plant on Sprinkle Road, and bought and sold California based muscle cars on the side. Over the years, the number of cars accumulated, and today he's clearing out the lot.

The online auction site shows vehicles all the way back to the 1930's. Some are makes still well known to many, such as Ford, Chevy and Buick, but also non- muscle car names like DeSoto that long ago disappeared from the American automotive landscape. There are, though, a large number of Corvettes, Camaros and Chevelles.

In addition to the cars and pickup trucks, there are also parts for many of those same types of vehicles. Some of those parts must be purchased on-site.

The auction goes until 7:30 tonight at Brown's property, at 10254 S. 34th St. in Vicksburg.


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