A team from the University of Michigan witnessed a shocking scene

A tarantula, that has been described as big as a dinner plate got a hold of a possum and killed it. Researchers described the event to the Detroit Free Press...

 In November of 2016, the team “heard some scrabbling in the leaf litter" during a night survey in the Amazon rainforest, Michael Grundler at University of Michigan said. He and his colleagues then watched a tarantula attack a mouse opossum, striking it in its neck, according to the report. A five-minute struggle ensued, where the opossum, roughly the size of a softball, tried to kick away from the eight-legged insect. The spider ultimately won. Video shows the spider then dragging the opossum away.

We are so lucky that these monsters don't dwell in our land but they are out there. Once a year a number of facility members, graduate students and undergraduates take a month long trip to explore the Los Amigos Biological Station in the remote Madre de Dios region of southeastern Peru. And that is where they found this creature. Yet, the tarantula was not the only creepy crawler they saw.

If you have the stomach for it and want to see more of the horrifying spiders that the team discovered on their trip go to News.umich.edu, I warn you, you might not sleep wll tonight

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