This morning started out as any other normal morning. My cat yelling at me for no reason an hour before my alarm was set to go off. I started out with a meal replacement shake because I'm sick of resembling a pear. But it's what happened when I went to leave for work that really shocked me.

The moment I stepped outside, my soul didn't hurt. It didn't even feel cold. Then I came to discover that this week, we could possibly reach the 50's. This after dealing with what I think was the most brutal winter cold spells of my entire life. There was a very thick snowfall overnight, but According to FOX 17 things are gonna be heating up this week:

Wahoo! This is like a mini vacation from the real Michigan winter weather. I'm sure people in other states would laugh at the fact we celebrate these kinds of things happening, but they don't have to live in this misery.

So let's enjoy this "warm" winter weather while we still can because my gut tells me we aren't completely out of the woods yet. Even though I already consider our dues officially paid for the winter. Is it March yet?


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