Next month, Alamo Drafthouse locations across America, including Kalamazoo, are celebrating director Tim Burton with Septemburton! And the peasants rejoice. Although hit-and-miss in recent years,Tim Burton is the master at tugging on the heartstrings of the misfits, oddballs, and disenfranchised.

Here are five times Tim Burton made you cry... grab your tissues.


"Adam... I don't think we survived the crash." - I was VERY young when Beetlejuice came out, and I just remember thinking there was something so sad in Geena Davis' voice in this scene.  This, of course, also started my crush on Alec Baldwin...

The whole ending... with the butterflies... *sniffle*

"Jack's Lament" - The first time you heard this song you were both saddened and instantly inspired. You even contemplated adopting a Jack Russell and naming it Zero.

"I don't think I'll ever dry out." - Oh, man.  Knowing Ed isn't long for this world, Sandra climbs in to the bathtub with him... and then giggles turn to tears. I can't get enough of this movie.

"Hold me." "...I can't." - Forget it.  This scene was such a sad memory from my childhood.  Hunted like Frankenstein's monster, someone finally offers Edward affection - and not for novelties' sake - and he can't accept it.

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