Okay, I have to admit it, those "take me fishing" commercials on TV get to me. I loved fishing trips with my dad, and then, later, with the guys. Saturday's Family Fishing Fair on Long Lake at Ramona Park in Portage can get the kids started on the same kind of fun.

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But the Portage Parks and Recreation Dept. makes the Family Fishing Fair even better, by including boating safety and even an introduction to CPR.

Now, the "hook", so to speak, is the first 250 kids get free fishing rods after getting 4 green stamps and two "yellow" stamps from the "stations" set up in the area between the parking lot and the beach house and shelter #1.

But here's what's really special about this. I wasn't a kayaker when I was growing up, but this is a chance to introduce the kids to kayaking, boating, and all sorts of fishing, like fly fishing and teaching proper casting.

The Portage Family Fishing Fair is Saturday morning. It starts at 10 AM and goes until 1 PM, at Ramona Park, just follow the signs towards the Beach House.


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