Minus the "W", plus a "B".  

Have you ever heard of Resting Bitch Face?  It's where someone's resting facial expression seems unhappy, judgmental, and even mean.  Some scientists wanted to figure out what causes it, so they ran tens of thousands of faces through a special image recognition software that detects and interprets small cues about people's emotions.

FINALLY!  The Washington Post says science is proving that I'm NOT mean.  Sometimes I walk with my head down because I've always had a MEAN resting bitch face.

People who have the face all show the same subtle signs:  Their eyes are slightly squinted and tight, there's a little raising at the corners of their lips, maybe on just one side, but NOT into a smile.  Those are cues our brains recognize, and register as contempt, and that makes us think the person is judging us.  Men and women are equally likely to have suffer from Resting Bitch Face.

Photo By: triocean/ThinkStock

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