From the loss of his father to heart surgery and a stroke, Prince's music played a big part in David's recovery.

David Milligan shared his Prince story with the My Prince Story podcast last week.  David is a teacher in North Carolina. Educating our youth has been his life for over 20 years. We talk about how Prince's music has not only inspired how he approaches education, but also has helped him heal emotionally and physically. From the loss of his father, to having heart surgery and a stroke, Prince's music has been there every step of the way.

Asking a Prince fan what their favorite Prince song, album or movie is usually gets you a dirty look.  There's just too much amazing Prince stuff out there to pick a favorite.  However, David has no problem answering those questions.  He was dealing with the loss of his father when he watched Prince's movie Under The Cherry Moon.  Spoiler alert: Prince's character, Christopher Tracy, dies at the end of the movie.  That scene is soon followed by the "Mountains" music video as the credits rolled.  Something about seeing Prince die, then minutes later was alive and well in the music video while dealing with the death of his father cemented "Mountains" as his favorite song, 'Under The Cherry Moon' as his favorite movie and 'Parade' as his favorite Prince album.

Find out what Prince song lyrics have helped keep David motivated as he dealt with difficult health issues in this weeks episode of My Prince Story below.

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