Shellshock, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as it's known today, is one of the most crippling and troubling things that plague the veterans of our country. Thankfully, there is a group that is doing everything they can to not only raise awareness but to help support returned troops personally and financially. "Pinups For Patriots" is a group of local and national "Pinup" Models who run charity events to help our veterans.

"Pinups For Patriots" are a national 501c3, which is a federally recognized charitable organization. That means they are 100% volunteer based and not even the founder or CEO get paid from the organization (that is not a requirement for a 501c3 but for them, that's how they do it). Model Mo D'merry runs the entire state of Michigan's Branch.

Mo D'merry Photo: Dennis Buttermore
Mo D'merry
Photo: Dennis Buttermore

What PFP does is work within a system. It is set up on multiple levels.


They support our military, veterans, first responders and their families in any way they can but we focus mainly on PTSD awareness and suicide prevention. They have 4 core programs:

1. Morale Visits - Doing events, community gatherings and visiting the home of veterans. For instance, they will be at "Operation Handshake" in Grand Rapids on the 22nd welcoming home our troops for the holidays and they just assisted with "Wreaths Across America" as well.

2. Care Packages - They collect and send out care packages and cards to our troops overseas all year round. One thing I learned from Mo is they see a huge rush of care packages during the holidays and the rest of the year they are struggling over there and it's not pretty. These packages make a huge difference.

3. Safetalk Training - Safetalk is a program in crisis intervention. If someone is in a crisis situation, PFP is trained to help until medical personnel arrives. PFP is working on getting all our woman trained and then will be offering a class to the public.

4. Treatment Retreats - A huge thing with PTSD is how alone one struggling with it feels. There are amazing retreat programs to help these men and woman cope with their PTSD, learn new skills and also remember that comradery they felt while serving. PFP assists in getting them to the treatment and assists in cost as well if possible.


Mo D'merry told me about why she joined this selfless cause and why it means so much to her on a personal level:

This group means so much to me. I joined a year and a half ago and I can honestly say it saved my life. I suffer from PTSD as well and I know my struggles and how low I felt. These men and woman fight every day overseas or on our own streets. I have had paramedics revive me, I've had firefighters rush to my side in a crisis situation, and I live every day free and able to do what I love because of these men and woman and I wouldn't be here today without them. I can't stand by and watch others suffer the way I did from my PTSD, giving back through this organization has given my life new meaning. I no longer fight for me or even live for me, I live for those smiles on others' faces. I hope I can make a difference for a few or many and hope that we can get them the help they need before they become another statistic. 22 pass from suicide every day. That's 8030 per year and that's only recording those who lose the battle within 160 days from deployment. The number is actually probably much higher. Much more needs to be done, this is just our little portion here.

On Saturday, February 10th they are running a fundraiser called "Fallen Hero's Memorial Valentine's Dance" hosted by The Royal Park Hotel in my hometown of Rochester to honor Gold Star families, military, veterans and first responders. Tickets for this amazing event can be purchased here.

I love hearing about groups like this who are doing what they can to take care of our soldiers returning from overseas and the ones who were left behind when they got home by the people who sent them there. More needs to be done for our veterans and I personally thank Pinups For Patriots for everything they are doing. Keep rockin ladies!




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