Juggling every aspect of life with a dash of humor mixed in? That's what has gained this Ottawa area mom nearly 49,000 followers on TikTok.

Liz Lenartz, or @misslizhere on TikTok, is a girl mom, dog mom, and teacher, according to her profile. Which is a lot to balance. I always commend any human who can maintain a job, raise a child, and still be relatively sane at the end of the day.

As far as Liz's content goes, she shares every aspect of her life. Whether she's traveling with her daughter, hanging out with her students, or observing some relatively odd behavior from her dog when there's snow on the ground:

To be fair, I wouldn't want to put all four paws on the cold ground either.

Liz is, specifically, a high school dance teacher. While I've seen some teens cringe at their teachers trying out different TikTok trends, her students seem to embrace her. Even when she's wearing a giant unicorn costume:

Outside of being a teacher and having an adorable dog, Liz also shares embarrassing moments like in the video below where she stitches other TikTok videos talking about how simple words seem to leave our brains as we get older:

Honestly, I just want to call my forearms "arm shins" from now on.

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One of Liz's most viewed videos is less than 10 seconds. But, I see why it got so much attention. This is a genius hack for peeling apples:

While I've never made applesauce at home, I have made apple pies in the past. This would have made it SO much easier.

If you're looking for relatable teacher/mom content and are in need of a laugh, check out Liz's full profile here.

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