I feel like we've seen this movie before. Somebody does something that supposedly will get rid of long wait times and long lines at the Secretary of State, but it never happens so we're forced to log in online before hand, only to show up and wait in line for another half hour to 45 minutes. *Rant Over* But great news. There is new proposed legislation that would reduce long lines at Secretary of State offices across Michigan. House Bill 5171 would designate Michigan financial institutions as eligible to provide Secretary of State certain driver-related functions.

"Government shouldn't be this painful." That's what HB5171 sponsor Rep. Matt Maddock stated in a press release. "Taxpayers routinely do their banking, order food or buy merchandise by simply using their cell phone. They do these things 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Yet when dealing with their own state government, our citizens must often go to an inconvenient location, make an appointment weeks in advance, or stand in a long line---lines that only have gotten longer lately. And they usually can only stand in line between 9 and 5 from Monday through Friday."
Is there a light at the end of this tunnel? Probably not. But let's see how this one goes.

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