This small building near Monroe is a leading contender for the oldest building in the state of Michigan.

Known as the Navarre-Anderson Trading Post, the building dates back to 1789. Pure Michigan describes the structure this way:

The Trading Post complex was established to represent a French pioneer homestead along the old River Raisin. The main building, built in 1789 by Utreau Navarre, is the oldest wooden residence still standing in the state. It is the most complete example of French-Canadian piece-sur-piece construction in the Old Northwest.

There is some debate however as to whether it's truly the oldest buildings in the state. Two homes in Mackinac Island may date back to 1780, about a decade before the Navarre-Anderson.

The building is part of a Monroe County historic park located on Custer Road across the Raisinville Bridge from M-50.

AbandonedExplorationAdventure on YouTube paid a visit to the historic cabin.

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