Fox2Now in St. Louis posted a video of the man who ran through a Walmart in Williamson, Kentucky naked, pouring milk on himself.  Apparently, YouTube took the video down because of the nudity but Fox2Now got it from a guy named Tanner Hesterberg who blurred it out.

The video shows a man pouring milk on himself and running through Walmart wearing nothing but shoes, socks and a Halloween mask.

Pike County Sheriff Rodney Scott says the video may have generated some laughs, but the crime of indecent exposure has to be taken seriously.  "If we don’t, then it could be happening all the time. So that’s why it’s important to go ahead and make these arrests."

The video ends with the streaker hopping into a getaway car, which speeds away. There are no arrests yet but warrants are out for the streaker and videographer.



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