Did you know about Prince Fest in Detroit back in the 90's?

Back in the day Prince fans would gather for live entertainment and tons of vendors selling merch, music and bootlegs.  If my memory isn't failing me, I went to one Prince Fest event in Detroit, Michigan and one in Toledo, Ohio.

The live entertainment was usually a Prince impersonator.  For some reason there was also a Michael Jackson impersonator there one year as well.

The vendor booths is why we were all really there.  Let's keep in mind this is pre-internet days.  If you were looking for hard to find imports or bootleg videos and albums, this was your only chance of finding them.

On the first episode of the "My Prince Story" podcast I speak with an old friend / huge Prince fan Jason Moore.  We cover MANY prince related topics including our experiences together at Prince Fest.

You can listen to the "My Prince Story" podcast anywhere you get your podcasts or by visiting MyPrincePodcast.com.


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