This Detroit native talks about her favorite Prince moments on the latest episode of 'My Prince Story.'

Her name is Mindy Chruscial.  Yes Prince fam...similar to Prince's famous bootleg "Crucial."  Mindy and I talk about our hilarious memories of Prince Fest that used to take place in Detroit and Toledo back in the day.

We also cover the 30 Prince concerts that Mindy attended, which includes all 3 of the 'Welcome 2 Chicago' shows.  In fact, Prince brought her on stage to dance.  Don't worry, she didn't get kicked off stage like Kim Kardashian.

I guess I need to show you the picture that I showed Mindy at the very beginning of this episode.  Quick back story...every year I dress as a different version of the purple yoda.  Last year it was the "Kiss" Prince.

Yep...that just happened.

Click here to play this episode or click play below.

Here's what Mindy wore to my Prince studio to record this episode:

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