'The Freeway of Love' is happening in Detroit

It had been proposed and discussed, now it is really  happening! Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed a bill that will officially designate part of Detroit's John C. Lodge Freeway, also known as the M-10, as the Aretha Franklin Memorial Highway

AJC.com quoted our Governor as saying...

Aretha Franklin was an American icon. She began her career here in the heart of Detroit. Her creativity and voice contributed to our musical and cultural history in Michigan. I’m honored to be able to dedicate a portion of the M-10 freeway to remember Aretha and all she did for our state.

The Motown legend died last year after battling pancreatic cancer. What a great way to honor someone who is a big part of Metro Detroit's history.

Here are some of the other greats that the city has honored and named a street after them.

  • Rosa Parks Boulevard" in honor of Civil Right's activist Rosa Parks.
  • John Adams, second President of the United States
  • Governor John Judson Bagley, John J. Bagley, who served two successive terms as Michigan governor from 1877 to 1881.
  • Kirkland Barker, 33rd Mayor of the City of Detroit (1864-1865).
  • Automobile magnate, Henry Ford.

I am just wondering how long it will take before Aretha's street sign is stolen.


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