If you're old enough to remember when Wendy's slogan was, "Where's The Beef?," then the age old question may have just been answered. The answer is apparently, "All over this Michigan Wendy's sink. A man in Greenville, MI was apparently recorded taking a bath in a sink at the local Wendy's while employees stood around laughing. FOX 17 reports that at least one of the employees at Wendy's was seen joking around with the man while he sat in the sink filled with water. The employee then threw something into the sink for the man and says "Wash yourself!"

It has not yet been revealed if the guy taking a bath is an employee of Wendy's or not. After the employee tossed the object in the sink, the man responded with, "It feels like a hot tub," while scrubbing himself. In the video, he's seen as not wearing a shirt and you can see his legs, but it's not enough footage shows him wearing shorts or any other clothes. Dave would not approve.

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