You know, when I think of all those delicious donuts at Tim Horton's it definitely makes my mouth water but that's as far as I go. As good as their product is, it doesn't nessecarily strike me as a place to go to "get in the mood." But apparently some people are deeply troubled and only "Timmy Ho" can provide that sensual atmosphere.

According to WDIV 4 Detroit, 39 year-old Ali Mohamed Ali was charged with disorderly person obscene conduct, disturbing the peace and failing to comply with the sex offender registry, after walking into the establishment and putting his hands down his pants and making other customers uncomfortable, naturally. The manager of the Farmington Hills restaurant had asked Ali to leave twice before contacting authorities.

When the police found Ali, he was sitting with his arms crossed, his legs spread apart and his penis erect. He was pointed toward the cashier counter and televisions (his body). The officer said Ali's pants were zipped and his belt was buckled but his pants were still loose enough to fit his hands inside. This wouldn't be the first time this elidagable bachalor was in trouble for this kind of thing. He was released from prison in November for a previous sex offense. His bond was set at $500,000 cash or surety.

Now he's facing real "hard time."



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