A Harrison, Michigan man started this year with a massive heart attack.  Let's just say things have turned around since.

Can you imagine having a massive heart attack and dying three times before recovering?  Now can you imagine winning $25,000 every year for life?  Jeff Heinig has experienced all of that in just a couple months according to Mlive,

Heinig matched all five white balls drawn for the drawing on Thursday night, Apr. 4 -- 03-04-08-16-27 -- to win the prize. He bought his winning ticket at the Harrison E-Z Mart, located at 701 North 1st St. in Harrison.

Speaking of heart attacks.  When Jeff and his wife realized they won, they couldn't find the ticket.  Luckily they found the ticket and decided to receive the lump sum of $390,000.

Congrats to the lucky couple and we wish them good health.

Now, I have to go get a lotto ticket.



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