Oh HECK no!

Yahoo Health reports a new study came out of the University of Buffalo in New York.  It found that men do like women who are smarter than them...BUT only in long-distance relationships...?  When they're dating someone face-to-face, they prefer a woman who's not quite so sharp.

The researchers think it's because men like the idea of a really smart woman, but for a lot of them, it's only cool when the relationship is hypothetical.  When it comes down to it and you're together in person, you can be intimidated by qualities like intelligence.

A clinical psychologist named Suzana Flores says, quote, "If you perceive someone as superior in any way, you tend to be a little more on your toes or feel that you have to be careful with what you say.  If someone is less intelligent, you may feel more comfortable around that person.  People are looking for more of a comfort in their personal lives."

The study didn't test whether WOMEN prefer smarter men in long-distance relationships, and less intelligent ones when they're face-to-face.

This makes no sense to me.  A ong distance reltaionship isn't really a relationship, and if that's the only way a guy likes his smart woman...okthankscallmeneverBYE!  For ME, I like having an intellectually stimulating conversation with the man I'm dating.  I LOVE when a guy has brains and common sense.  Of course if makes me feel intimidated at times but I'd rather not be the one who makes all of the important decisions and talks to myself.  I want someone to motivate and push me, not someone who only has a pretty face.  My message to men: STOP SEARCHING FOR YOUR TROPHY WIFE/GIRLFRIEND, FIND YOUR FRIEND MENTOR AND SOULMATE.  WE AREN'T TRYING TO INTIMIDATE YOU, WE WANT A MAN WHO WILL APPRECIATE OUR BRAINS.  HELP ME HELP YOU :) That's how I see it at least...

Photo By: Stockphoto4u/ ThinkStock
Photo By: Stockphoto4u/ ThinkStock

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