Our experience in Minneapolis the weekend after we lost Prince was scandalous to say the least.

We lost Prince on April 21st, 2016.  Many things about his passing were just so Prince.  For example, he had a song called "Sometimes it Snows in April" about losing someone you love too soon.  Then there is the full circle of hairstyles.  Prince had MANY hairstyles.  But his career began then ended with the big round Afro.  And lets face it.  For some reason, none of us thought we would ever lose Prince.  This very spiritual, happy and healthy man.

In honor of the 4 year anniversary of the passing of Prince, we (host Dana Marshall and fiance' Suzannah) talk about the insane trip to Minneapolis that lead to an amazing moment with Larry Graham. But then we got peed on and pepper sprayed.

We also talk about bumping into Morris Hayes on in elevator and belly dancing with the very beautiful and talented Mayte Garcia.

If you can't see the latest episode of the "My Prince Story" podcast below, click here.

You can see the video of Larry Graham coming out of Paisley Park to hug Prince fans (including me) in the video below.

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