While Katy Perry sidestepped the direct question about having a boyfriend, her reported ex John Mayer praised the singer for her work ethic during a radio interview.

But did he just inadvertently reveal that he and Perry split for the same reason and she and ex-hubby Russell Brand divorced? Still with us?

Remember, Perry's marriage to Brand crumbled under the weight of career pressures, among many other things, something spotlighted in her 'Part of Me' documentary. She and Mayer have been on and off since 2012, with another split happening last month. During a chat with SiriusXM (qoutes via Daily Mail), Mayer complimented Perry's ambition, saying, "She's extremely driven and extremely serious about doing great work."

That's a positive comment, but it's also a bit restrained and coolly impersonal. So Mayer was just as clever about avoiding a discussion.

Mayer also offered his opinion about why women get back together with exes. "It is a connection to the past, a reaction to fear of the unknown," he mused. "They go back with a guy they don't like just because they know how to get to his bathroom in the dark."

Hmmm, could that also reference Perry, with whom he has split and reunited? Not sure...

Reports suggested that Perry ended the romance due to their schedules and the fact that he didn't keep a string of promises he made when they got back together.

"The last time they broke up, John won her back by making a ton of promises," a source told Hollywood Life. "He was going to put her first, but now he's falling back into his old patterns. Like, he shuts off his phone and disappears all day and night. He says it's because he needs alone time, but it's sketchy for sure."

Whatever the case, we're thinking things are definitely dunzo between these two based on their interviews.

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