With gasoline prices skyrocketing north of $3 a gallon and the upcoming holiday weekend looming, here's a way to keep it close, entertain the kids, and feed hungry people in the area.Binder Park Zoo is having a Memorial Day food drive on Monday (May 28th) that will benefit the Food Bank of South Central Michigan and will get you a dollar off your admission to the zoo.

According the the Zoo's release,

The Food Bank has a wish list of canned fruit and vegetables, canned meats, complete canned meals (like beef stew, ravioli), pasta, rice, dry beans, soup and peanut butter.  Guests may donate more than one item if they wish, but the maximum discount is $1.00 per person.

The Binder Park Zoo will be open 9 am to 5 pm on Monday, Memorial Day. Getting in costs $14.25 for adults, $13.25 for older adults, $12.25 for children from  2 to 10, infants up to 2 are get in free. Parking will be free. All this information is at binderparkzoo.org.

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