Prince trusted Kim Berry with his hair for almost 30 years.  Now she writes a tell all book and attempts to sell his hair?

Over the weekend news broke that Kim Berry was auctioning Prince's hair.  To say that Prince fans lost their mind would be an understatement.  Auctioning off a guitar or something like that is one thing.  But Prince trusted her with his hair for most of his career.  So, she was collecting it and saving for a rainy day?  You can't be serious.

Since the backlash, Berry as taken the auction down.  However, there is still that book "Diamonds N Curlz - 29 Years Rolling With Rock Royalty Prince."

This isn't the first book.  His first wife Mayte released "The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince" in April of 2017.  That book was amazing.  There was a little backlash to that as well.  But the book was done respectfully in my opinion.

What do you think of Kim Berry releasing the book and trying to sell Prince's hair?  Let us know in the facebook comments or on twitter.


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