Last week Randy Margraves, the father of three made headlines during a court hearing for Larry Nassar when he asked the judge if she would grant him "5 minutes alone" in a room with Nassar, shortly before he charged at him and was taken down by officers. While being detained he continuously expressed his anger towards Nassar.

The father later returned to court to possibly face sentencing for contempt in court and to be charged with assault and attempted battery. The judge made a decision that because of the nature of the case, she would not press charges against the father, who apologetically returned to the courtroom. Because of these actions, many people around the U.S. sent their monetary donations in his name by way of a GoFundMe page.

$31,311 was raised for him and his family, however, he decided it was best to donate it to charities like Small Talk, RAVE, and the Firecracker Foundation.


In a statement released yesterday, it reads:

While Randy deeply appreciates the outpouring of support, he says it is not needed for him. Those who donated to the fundraiser can choose to either get a refund or leave the donation to be given to charities that help survivors of sexual abuse.

Randy also expressed his gratitude personally for the outpour of support:

At the time of the incident, I didn't know that the great brotherhood had done this, and I was overcome with gratitude when I found out. I appreciate everyone stepping up to support me, but help is not needed for me. After giving people the chance to get a refund, the donations will go to organizations that help the sisterhood of survivors and other victims of abuse.




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