Local 4 Detroit is currently covering a special hearing involving the father of the girls who charged at Larry Nassar this morning WILL AVOID ASSAULT CHARGES AFTER  HIS CONTEMPT IN COURT THIS MORNING. He issued a heartfelt apology to the court and police officers and gave his word no other outbursts will happen.


Larry Nassar, who was recently sentenced to 175 years in prison for his sexual assault crimes on over 170 girls continues to hear testimonies from victims and their family members. This morning a father of some of his victims stood in court and asked the judge to grant him a very cryptic request.

The man asked the judge to "grant me 5 minutes in a locked room with this demon (referring to Nassar). Would you do that, yes or no?" The judge responded, " No sir I can not do that." The father responded asking her to give him one minute. The judge informed him " You know I can't do that, that's not how our legal system works."

Before she could even finish her sentence, the man responded with what sounds like him saying "well, you're gonna have to" while charging at Nassar before being tackled by deputies in the court. While being detained, the man was struggling to get up while expressing his anger shouting " let me have that son of a b---, I want that son of a b--, give me one minute with that b------."

WDIV Local 4 Detroit caught this act live and you can watch the video below. Be warned, the video contains adult language:

After being brought back to his feet and surrounded by officers, the man looked around at them and asked: "what if this'd happen to you guys?" The man was removed from court and proceedings continued once some time had passed. Tensions continue to be high as more people continue to come forward to confront their victimizer.



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