You and 9 of your closest friends could attend a VIP Zombie hunting party.

THE END IS NEAR! An infection has hit our homeland. Zombies are invading the area, last seen in Jones, MI and it is up to YOU to stop them before they keep spreading! We are assembling a team to help us push back the herd before it’s too late!

You will be apart of the Z-UNIT where we load you up on a bus and search around for these herds of infected roamers trying to invade the area. THIS IS OUR LAST STAND!!

No need to fear! Each of our Z-UNIT Vehicles come fully equipped with standard-issue Zombie Paintball Guns, NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. Just point and shoot as many of the LIVING DEAD as you possibly can before they continue to spread!

The more Zombified Creatures you put down the safer our world is, DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES???


This contest has expired.