The City of Kalamazoo release water test results on Tuesday, showing drinking water supplied by the city is within the safe range.

The city says the most recent PFAS testing of water pumping stations serving the Kalamazoo municipal drinking water system, conducted 45 days ago, found "results within the safe drinking water guidelines of 70 parts per trillion (ppt) set by the Environmental Protection Agency."

Fifteen water pumping stations in the City of Kalamazoo Public Water Supply System were sampled on June 15, 2018. None of the tests revealed levels of PFOA/PFOS above the 70 ppt health advisory level. Of the 15 samples, 12 results were “non-detections,” and 3 stations had detectable levels below 70 ppt. (1 part per trillion is equal to roughly one drop of impurity per 16 million gallons of water, or per 24 Olympic-sized swimming pools.)

Date Sample ID Station Type


Results (ppt)

LHA (ppt) Recommended Limit
6/15/18 TP201 Baseload ND 70
6/15/18 TP303 Peaking ND 70
6/15/18 TP304 Peaking ND 70
6/15/18 TP305 Peaking 2 70
6/15/18 TP306 Peaking ND 70
6/15/18 TP307 Baseload ND 70
6/15/18 TP308 Baseload ND 70
6/15/18 TP309 Baseload ND 70
6/15/18 TP310 Peaking ND 70
6/15/18 TP311 Peaking 18 70
6/15/18 TP312 Peaking 19 70
6/15/18 TP313 Peaking ND 70
6/15/18 TP314 Baseload ND 70
6/15/18 TP315 Baseload ND 70
6/15/18 TP316 Baseload ND 70

(ND = the parameter was not detected based on laboratory’s analytical report)