PFAS has been one of the highest talked about problems in Michigan the past few years, and now we can officially be known as the "PFAS State," as Local 4 reports. New data from a study done by Environmental Working Group (EWG) has shown that Michigan, by far, has the most sites (192) with reports of PFAS in the country. You can view the map here. Phil Brown, a professor of sociology and health sciences at Northeastern University and director of the Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute, says the new map shows that this isn't just a problem in Michigan, but around the country:

The updated map shows that PFAS contamination is truly a nationwide problem, impacting millions of Americans in hundreds of communities. Leaders in many communities and states are doing great work to raise awareness about PFAS and push for cleanup, but this is a national crisis demanding national action. The EPA should act more quickly to evaluate all PFAS chemicals and restrict their use, and polluting industries should be held responsible.


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