Multiple reports of "projectiles" leaving the shooting range including bullets hitting a neighboring home lead to the temporary closing of the target shooting area.

The North Pioneer Road shooting area is a target shooting spot in Benzie County on state forest land.  In fact, it's operated by the state of Michigan.  There will be no target shooting at this location for a while according to a press release from,

The emergency order is in effect for 90 days, during which time department staff will evaluate next steps that would eliminate the possibility of visitors target shooting from anywhere other than specified areas.

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The shooting area in Beulah has dealt with many safety issues and "user conflicts" as the DNR has repeatedly attempted to make the area safer for the target shooters as well as bystanders and nearby landowners.  In the recent past, the DNR has posted signs directing people to the proper place to shoot, relocated shooting benches, and had DNR staff work with shooters to encourage safety.  These measures did not seem to increase safety in and around the North Pioneer Road shooting area.

In the next three months, the DNR will work to find ways to improve the safety of the shooting area with help from local and county officials.  In the meantime, if you are looking for a place to safely target shoot you can get more information on other shooting areas run by the state by clicking here.

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