I guess if you've been following the articles I've written over the past few years, you can tell I love hockey, and more so, I love Bronco hockey at Lawson Ice Arena, at Western Michigan University. I've been to NHL games at the old Chicago Stadium, at the old St. Louis Arena, but nowhere like Lawson did I ever sense the speed of the game.

And even before my younger son went to Western, and became a leader of the Lawson Lunatics for a couple of season, I always loved the Loonies, and love how they make Lawson the college hockey equivalent of Duke's Cameron Indoor Arena, small, intimate, intimidating, and above all else, loud.

And the WMU Bronco Hockey twitter account has been tweeting pictures of a fresh coat of paint under the ice surface and other preparations. So I'm ready. But...

It's not like this statement is anything earth shattering. Its basically restating the obvious, but still, it just is reminder of how far we are from "normal". I also saw a story on the major news site that said don't expect anything close to normal for another year. Another year?

But back to hockey and a glimmer of hope. After the big announcement above, the NCHC sent out its own statement and it's much more hopeful.

As of today (Sept. 10), the conference anticipates that competition for NCHC programs will commence on or after November 20. Conference leadership has been working closely with all Division I college hockey conferences to plan for a safe and responsible return to competition. _ NCHC Conference

Now whether we can actually go to any of the home games, we won't know for a while, but it's a start. So wear your mask and wash your hands. Maybe we can get together for hockey if not late this year, maybe early next.

Here's NCHC Commissioner Josh Fenton: “We fully expect NCHC hockey to be back this season."

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