Binder Park Zoo is putting the final touches on two murals that will go on display in the Miller Children's Zoo at Binder Park Zoo. The two murals are the creations of visual artist Jaziel Pugh, and it's a collaboration between Color the Creek and Binder Park Zoo.

These Two, two-walled structures were actually animal shelters and were turned into the “canvases” for Jaziel’s work.

A mural takes shape at Binder Park Zoo. (Photos courtesy Binder Park Zoo)

“As you would expect, the animal collection in the Miller Children’s Zoo has changed over the years since it opened in 1989, and when the perimeters of several outdated exhibits were removed for safety and aesthetics, these structures became available for a new purpose.” said Binder Park Zoo's Manager of Marketing & Development Leslie Walsh. “We have long wanted to bring public art to the zoo in some way, and had been in discussions with Justin Andert of Color the Creek in the past year. Justin is the creator and driving force behind Color the Creek, a project that uses the creation of public art to add vibrancy, create positive energy, and ignite the creative spirit in the Battle Creek community – all things we want for the zoo, too. Color the Creek has been so successful, we knew we had connected with the right resource. From there, everything began to fall into place”.

A mural takes shape at Binder Park Zoo. (Photos courtesy Binder Park Zoo)

The Zoo is open Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.; Saturday 9a to 6pm, and on Sunday from 11am to 6pm. The zoo's website explains the new rules for 2020.

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